Now, what are you waiting for 


Let’s get drinks – 1 hour – 50 {Meet and Greet only}

Facetime – 30 min – 100

Playdate – 1 hour – 200

Secret get away – 90 min – 300 

Lovers quarrel – 2 hours – 400

Staycation – 3 hours – 600

Explore the city – 5 hour – 800 {requires at least one meal}

Email me to set up any longer dates. 



I do not service at my residence. Please add $150 to all incall request. This will be taken at time of booking confirmation to ensure no confusion and so I can provide accommodations. We will discuss more about convenient locations after your booking is complete.

**Donations are NOT negotiable**


Booking Form

Please fill this form out with accurately and completely
A public work, LinkedIn or personal media site. 
1 or 2 reputable references you’ve seen within the last 6 months.

*I am newbie friendly*
If you do not have references, be prepared email me a selfie with your ID or passport next to your face ( After you have completed your booking form

(Name and DL/passport number must be visible. Everything else can be covered)


After you are approved your personal information will be destroyed except your first name and provided emails for future contact. This is for my comfort and safety and is non-negotiable.

If you cannot or prefer not to provide the required information then, I’m sorry, but we will not see each other.


You will receive an email from me within 3-6 hrs of completion.  

Thank you!