Donation Handling 

I am quite particular in the way that I’d like my appreciation to be handled.

If we are meeting at your location, please leave it in a plain unsealed envelope in the bathroom  in open sight. When I arrive I will excuse myself to your washroom. 

If we are meeting at my location, please excuse yourself to my washroom and place it in a plain unsealed envelope  in open view.

If we are meeting in public, please present my appreciation to me in a small gift bag and place it on the side of the table.

Appreciations must be accounted for prior to any portion of the date beginning. Please do not make matters uncomfortable for either of us. 

Personal Hygiene

Please be freshly showered no more than one hour prior to our date. How you groom and represent your self is the first impression people have of you and the biggest mood killer is for someone to be unkempt or funky. I will have unused toiletries for you to utilize and of course you can use the shower at my incall location if needed  because I understand when the day gets hectic and you just cant find the time. This will go into our date time so please plan accordingly.

 I reserve the right to end our date if you are not freshly washed.

 I am firm with my health and hygiene and do not participate in any unsafe practices – i expect you to share the same practices. I will always have protection with me and if you require special accommodation, please bring your own. 

And remember, always wash your hands. :)