Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for my encounter in full when I book

Of course you can, though it is not required it leaves no worries when we’re together. I can receive payments through: paypal, venmo, and square cash. 

Can you send a photo of your face?

No, but I assure you my face matches my beautiful physique.

Do you see *Insert race*?

I am happy to see respectful and kind people of all backgrounds. I am sorry any prior experiences you may have had led you to ask this question.

May we meet beforehand for a drink?

 Sure. I find the best dates start with a little bubbly. However, my rates remain the same and I ask that you not become inebriated during our time together. If you want to get to know me so you are more comfortable on our later dates, I suggest  booking – lets get a drink.

Do you accommodate wardrobe request?

 I would certainly love to dress to your liking, if given enough notice. I have a girly, minimalist style and love to accentuate my tight small waist. If you have any special special costume or outfit request, please email me after your booking is confirmed and we can set up away for you to send me whatever you want to see me in. This is generally done through Amazon. 

What can I expect when we are together?

You can expect to be treated with as much respect and adoration as you treat me. Do not discuss “services” over text, phone call, or emails as I do not offer any.  

Do you have reviews?

No. I prefer our encounters to be private and not shared on the internet. I have been a companion to wonderful people I’ve met in my everyday life and recently online and cherish each wonderful moment. I do not participate nor condone “locker room talk” and would appreciate if you shared the same practices, should we ever meet. If you are concerned with the credibility of me or my photos I can assure you I am legitimate, professional, independent and real. I am active on instagram, update my photos with my watermark regularly and I would never waste your time or mislead you.