Whether it’s the angst of life or the need for more, I’m ready to play.


Welcome to my personal site. I’m Asha, your petite, bohemian,  passionate friend. Whether you want a beautiful companion to explore the city with, a date to make your peers drool, or someone to help you unwind after a long day – I’m here to satisfy. 


5’3 – 120 lbs
Hair – Long, black/brown, kinky curly
Features – Au naturale
Shoe – 8 
Non-Smoker (420 friendly) 
Likes – Yoga, meditation, hummus, sushi, pizza, vodka, comedy movies 
Dislikes – Ketchup, mustard, body odor, rudeness
Favorite vacation – Anywhere tropical!

I’m A Good Girl…

I treat my body like a work of art with my daily yoga practice and plant-based diet. I want to be your perfect goddess: for you to feel mesmerized and free in my presence. I love to please and be pleased and have a way of seducing with my charm, so beware (or don’t, ha!).

I’m always looking for the rainbow at the end of a storm and I love sharing my infectious smile. Positivity breeds the ideal environment for creativity and spontaneity – that’s always the first thing I bring to the table. 

Let’s be free during our time together, be passionate and honest with your body and tell me every way I can make you smile.

I want our time together to be orgasmic.


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I am a sensually dominant woman with a sexy submissive side. Let me take the reins and lead you to a world of different sensations. After, bend over, arch my back and release your tension on me. 

I’m turned on by teasing, denial and rewarding. And also when a man tells me how much I drive his insatiable appetite. I embrace my sexual fluidity and find sharing it with others completely satisfying. 

I’m the women you can lose yourself in,  explore your sexual curiosity with, adore, and have fun with. 

That Loves Being Bad .